Keyboard Shortcuts

The following lists describe various keyboard shortcuts and actions for their corresponding interface element. Many more can be seen in context menus accessible by right clicking on a specific interface element or by pressing Shift-F10 while the element is focused.

Primary stands for the Control key on Linux and Windows and the Command / key on OS X.

Alt stands for the Option / key on OS X.

Main Window

  • Alt + Left - Seek backwards by 10 seconds

  • Alt + Right - Seek forward by 10 seconds

  • Primary + L - Focus the search entry


  • Primary + Shift + J - Reset filters and jump to the playing song.

Queue and Playlist Browser

  • Primary + Left Click on song(s), then drag and drop - Add a copy of the songs to the playlist / queue.

Song Lists

  • Primary + I - Open the information window for the selected song(s)

  • Alt + Return - Open the tag editor for the selected song(s)

  • Primary + Return - Queue the selected song(s)

  • Primary + F - Show the inline search entry

  • Primary + Left Click on a column header - Add the column to the list of columns to sort by.

Tree Views

  • Left or Primary + Left - Collapses the element or select the parent element

  • Right or Primary + Right - Expands the element

Text Entries

  • Primary + Z - Undo the last change

  • Primary + Shift + Z - Redo the last undone change

Paned Browser

  • Primary + Home - Select all songs in all panes

  • Primary + Return - When the search entry is in focus: enqueue all songs in the song list