The Queue

As described in the Overview, the queue is used to queue up songs to be played. In recent versions of Quod Libet, some new features have been introduced to the queue, which is described below.

Ignore and Keep Songs

With release 4.2.0, the queue was updated with two new checkboxes: Ignore and Keep Songs.

When the Keep Songs checkbox is checked, songs won’t be consumed from the queue anymore when played. In this way, the queue can function as a kind of temporary playlist.

With the Ignore checkbox checked, the queue won’t have priority anymore. This means that if a song is played from the song list, then songs from the song list will continue playing even if the queue is not empty.

If both Keep Songs and Ignore are enabled, songs will be kept in the queue while one at the same time is free to switch between playing songs from the queue and the song list. If a song in the queue is selected, songs will keep playing from the queue, while if a song in the song list is selected, then songs from the song list will be played instead.

Disable and Mode Selection

With release 4.3.0, the Ignore and Keep Songs checkboxes were replaced with a queue disable button and a mode selection menu.

The queue can be disabled by clicking the padlock in the queue header. When disabled, the queue cannot be played from - but you can still add songs to it.

The queue also has two different modes, that can be changed in the queue preferences.

In the Ephemeral mode, the queue consumes songs as described in the Overview. This is the default behavior.

The other mode is the Persistent mode. In this mode, songs will be kept in the queue even after being played. Furthermore, the queue won’t have precedence over the song list unless it is explicitly being played from by first double-clicking on a song in it. This allows switching between the queue and the song list without having to clear or disable the queue.