Configuration Files

QL stores some of its configuration as plain text files, and in some cases it may be convenient to edit these files directly, or to synchronize them across different computers/ home directories.

Like many Linux applications, QL stores user configuration in a hidden directory, in this case ~/.quodlibet. (Note that this may not always be the case, see the FAQ for details). Feel free to explore; but maybe make a backup of the directory first.

Saved values for search, tagging and renaming patterns

For searching your library, editing tags from a filename pattern, and renaming files based on tags, you can save the (search or pattern) values you enter for later use. See the relevant section for how to do it using the GUI.

The patterns you create using “saved values” are in fact stored in simple text files:

  • ~/.quodlibet/lists/queries.saved: Search patterns

  • ~/.quodlibet/lists/tagpatterns.saved: Patterns to tag files based on filename

  • ~/.quodlibet/lists/renamepatterns.saved: Patterns to rename files based on tags

You’ll see that the format is very easy: Each saved pattern consists of two lines, the first line contains the QL pattern, the second line its name. The name may be identical to the pattern. The next saved “pattern – name” pair follows immediately on the next two lines.

Here’s an example of what ~/.quodlibet/lists/queries.saved might look like:

artist = schubert
All by Schubert
artist = radiohead
All by Radiohead
&(genre = classical, #(lastplayed > 3 days))
&(genre = classical, #(lastplayed > 3 days))
~format = ogg
All ogg files

Or an example of a ~/.quodlibet/lists/renamepatterns.saved:

~/music/<artist>/<album>/<tracknumber|<tracknumber>. ><title~version>
Music from an album
~/music/misc/<artist> - <title>
Stray song

Just edit these files or synchronize them across computers or home directories (for different users) as needed.