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Packaging Guide

This page is directed at distributions, packagers and developers.

Please contact us if there is anything unclear / out of date / missing.

For license & copyright information see License & Contributors

Existing Packaging

The following distributions package Quod Libet:

The Ubuntu PPA / unstable repo builds are automated by the following scripts:

Non-Optional Runtime Dependencies

The following software is needed to start Ex Falso or Quod Libet.

  • Python (2.7)
  • PyGObject including cairo support (>= 3.2)
  • pycairo
  • mutagen (>= 1.14; 1.27 recommended)
  • GTK+ (>= 3.2)
  • On Windows only: pywin32
  • On OS X only: PyObjC

For playback support in Quod Libet one of the following two is needed:


  • GStreamer (>= 1.0) + typelibs
  • GStreamer Plugins Base: Vorbis, Alsa, ...
Optional but recommended:
  • GStreamer Plugins Good: Pulseaudio, FLAC, Jack, ...
  • GStreamer Plugins Ugly: MP3 (mad), ...
  • GStreamer Plugins Bad: MP3 (mpg123), MP4, Opus, ...
  • GStreamer libav/ffmpeg: WMA, ...


  • xine-lib 1.1 or 1.2 (the shared library, no Python bindings)

Optional Runtime Dependencies

  • For symbolic icons; QL will fall back to colored ones if needed.
  • Enables the DBus interface
  • Multimedia key support under GNOME
pyhook (Windows only):
  • Multimedia key support under Windows
libkeybinder-3.0 + typelib:
  • Multimedia key support under non Gnome setups
libgpod4 (the shared library, no Python bindings):
  • iPod support
libgtksourceview-3 + typelib:
  • Undo/Redo support for multiline text fields
  • For detection of DAPs
udisks or udisks2:
  • For detection of DAPs
  • For the feed browser
  • For MOD support

Plugin Dependencies

All plugin dependencies are optional and will only prevent the corresponding plugin from loading.

notification-daemon (or any other implementation of the dbus spec):
  • For the notification plugin
  • For the musicbrainz plugin
GStreamer Plugins Good:
  • For the replaygain plugin
GStreamer Plugins Bad:
  • For the acoustid plugin
  • For the CDDB plugin
  • “Browse Folders”
  • Screensaver plugins
  • uPnP server
  • Gnome search provider
  • gajim status updater
  • ...
  • The uPnP media server
Zeitgeist Python bindings:
  • For the zeitgeist plugin
  • For the auto library update plugin
webkitgtk (== 3.0) + typelibs:
  • For the Lyrics Window plugin

Build Dependencies

  • Python 2.7 (stdlib only)
  • gettext and intltool for translations.
  • The gtk-update-icon-cache executable for creating the fallback icon theme cache.

For user documentation build_sphinx can be used to create the HTML user guide and put it in the build directory in the sphinx subdirectory. This is not part of the default build process and requires sphinx.


3.0 → 3.1

  • No changes compared to 3.0

3.1 → 3.2

  • Plugins got merged into Quod Libet. This means the quodlibet-plugins tarball is gone and plugins will be installed by install. For distros that used to include the plugins in the main package this means all plugin related packaging code can simply be removed. For distros that offered separate packages the installation can be split by packaging quodlibet/ext in a separate package. Quod Libet can run without it.
  • UDisks2 is supported, in addition to UDisks1
  • Python 2.7 required instead of 2.6 (might still work, but not tested)

3.2 → 3.3

  • New optional plugin dependency: webkitgtk-3.0 + typelibs
  • Mutagen 1.27 recommended